Company Profile

A Key Force In Turkey's Digital Technology Industry

Founded in 1995, since restructuring in 1997, FUJITEL Group has, over the past years, been cashing on its restructuring and reform, reshape the product portfolio, push for innovation and implement advanced management practices. All its endeavors have now begun to pay off as FUJITEL has gradually built itself into a business in the electronics industry that operates under a market-oriented modern enterprise system, together with an efficient support and coordination mechanism among FUJITEL's business units. In such way, FUJITEL has turned itself from a Digital Technology ( Telecommunication & Plazma or TFT - LCD TV & DVB , Accessories ) manufacturer to Turkey's leading digital electronic products manufacturer and related information service provider, especially strong in the development and production of cutting-edge flat display equipment.

So far, FUJITEL has over 100 employees and 10 subsidiary operations that have established . Apart from its technology lab in the U.S ( Silicon Valley.) and FUJITEL has R & D department working 6 Engineer as well as technical team .

FUJITEL now commands four major business units ;
· Digital TFT - LCD TV
· Digital Receiver ( DVB )
· Digital Antenna for the receiver
· Digital LNB for the receiver
· Digital Diseqc for the receiver
· Digital Cables for the receiver
· PMR and DECT
· Digital Caller Id Telephones
· Mp3 Mp4 Mp5 and Mp4 Watch

The business units are expected to provide customers with a wide portfolio of products and services, including , telecommunication value-added service, like digital televisions , digital video broadcasting .
As a widely-recognized company that sees growing reputation among the public and cultural backgrounds to join its team to make the best of their innovation capability in a competitive yet healthy business environment. FUJITEL ‘s goal is to provide the society with continuously cutting-edge electronic products and to help boost the world’s civilization and progress.